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Lik napravio savršenu parodiju curinog “fitness” Instagram profila i osvetio sve muškarce koji trpe vječno fotkanje

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Svaki muškarac koji ima ženu s pristupom internetu je morao u nekom trenutku sudjelovati u njezinom Instagram životu. Ako je bio sretan – morao je samo odlučiti između dva filtera, ali ima tu i težih slučajeva kao što su biranje između trideset fotki, gladovanje dok se ne ufotka savršen kadar tek pristigle hrane (i 20 minuta poslije – hladna deep dish pizza), a ponekada je toliko katastrofalno da moraš satima stajati na suncu i fotkati nju milijun puta da bi ona na kraju odlučila kako je najljepša ova prva fotka.

Svi znamo i vidimo da je Instagram i mjesto gdje se djevojke (i muškarci) hvale svojim fitness pothvatima, uskim hlačama, avokado sendvičima i acai kašama.

Edward Lane je u vezi s curom koja je fitness freak i ima više od 27 tisuća sljedbenika na fotocentričnoj društvenoj mreži. Punih 18 mjeseci je snimao svoju djevojku, tako da se može reći kako je i on dio njezinog ogromnog Instagram uspjeha.

H O M E W O R K O U T… recovery goes like this in my flat: foam rolling + food . . . If there's one thing I've learned in the last 18 months it's what you do around your exercise that makes the difference to the next one. . . That's why, when I was asked if I wanted to try Udo's for sporty reasons I willingly said yes . . . I'm big into making things as easy as possible. So, I've switched from olive oil on my spinach and eggs to @udoschoiceuk ultimate oil blend 3+6. Why? Because I was really surprised to discover that EFAs (essential fatty acids) in food are often damaged by processing or heat. . . . For me, nutrition needs to be faff free and pack as much of a punch as going 10 rounds with online boxing. I want to give my body what it needs for my workouts…EFAs are proven to be key for the body's metabolic function. Therefore, small, easy tweaks that I can do every day and not stress over get my vote. . . . #ad #UdosChoiceUK #UdosGutHealth

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A onda mu je sve dosadilo i odlučio je pokrenuti svoj Instagram profil.

Nemojte baš slijediti njegove fitness savjete jer govori kako je pohana puretina u obliku dinosaura superhrana, ali profil je fantastičan. Lupaj “PRATI” odmah.

Edward je izjavio za Mirror sljedeće:

“Promoviranje zdravlja i fitnessa je odlična stvar, ali su se ljudi toliko zakačili da je već ludost. Chia sjemenke i tajice su novi kristalni meth (…)Biti zdrav je dobra stvar. Fotkati 45 slika svoje guzice u različitim pozama i pakiranje te guzice kao poruku o zdravlju nije toliko dobra stvar”

ROCKET FUEL // Next time you're running low on #mondaymotivation for your workout swap out the standard espresso for a more summer-ready pre-workout. Totally fat-free, these lollies contain 10% of your sugar RDA for fast-access energy mainlined to your muscles. Not only that – and this is no joke, I actually checked, because, you know, I'm into fitness and therefore my conversation is relentlessly scintillating – the colourings come from beetroot (filled with endurance-enhancing nitric oxide) and curcumin (a potent metabolism-boosting compound). In all, this is the perfect pre-workout to launch your session to the next level, no face tingles necessary. And for the post-workout refuel? I suggest a mini milk chaser. Since you asked, mine's a strawberry flavour, please. It matches my #activewear ??

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FULL DISCLOSURE // OK, so my stag do wasn't as wellness as I thought. But if there's one thing I've learned from the amazing people on here it's that I'm not going to beat myself up about it. 50 pints in a weekend with your mates is nothing to be ashamed of. It was ?. Did you know in just a few days your liver can reboot itself? Our bodies are amazing. And while most of the time it's our job to look after them. Right now I'm asking it to look after me! So hear I am. Owning it. I may have lost a couple of abs, but downing this nutritious red juice is helping me through my hangover and helping me get back on track for the week ahead. Wish me luck! Oh, and I've been away from the 'gram for too long!! Im sorry. I'm sure you've all missed me ?

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ABS ARE MADE AT THE WEEKEND // This past few days I've been enjoying what I like to call the FUN diet. Seaside trips with my muse @wellness_ed, a blood alcohol level of 69%, finishing off with a gluten-free steak dinner yesterday. All of this has combined to turn my abs from a standard six to an unbelievable eight. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! A study by the University of Nowhere in Nowhereshire found that being happy reduces your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and cortisol is responsible for fat depositing around your middle and covering your six-pack. So use this news and my rockin' bod above as motivation to have more fun this week and look better by then end of it. Omg that message is so wellness – I've even I impressed myself! Have a great Bank Holiday everyone! ?

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